Future Exhibitions

Barrie Cook

Selected Works 1970-2015

12 September to 19 November 2015

Barrie Cook spent over 20 years in Wales. Now living in Cornwall, this exhibition is an overview of his bold, abstract paintings of the past 45 years.

Geoff Ogden (1929-1997)

19 September to 14 November 2015

To celebrate his life and work. Geoff Ogden was born in Ashton under Lyne where he worked as a gravedigger and window cleaner. In 1965 he moved to Cornwall. He was passionate about the landscape of West Penwith which, despite being crippled with arthritis, he painted out of doors.

Sophie Myfanwy Wellan

The Wisdom of Wool

19 September to 31 October 2015

This exhibition celebrates a natural material, which is wholly part of our landscape, heritage and culture, reframed through the unique vantage point of Sophie Wellan’s art practice.

Howard Bowcott

Raising Stones

19 September to 9 January 2016

Howard Bowcott is best known for his public artworks such as the slate pillars that form the centrepiece of the regeneration of Blaenau Ffestiniog town centre. This exhibition provides a chance to see some smaller sculptures in stacked slate.

Mark Robert Davey


26 September to 14 November 2015

Mark Robert Davey combines sculpture and photography to create unique three dimensional, optical illusion artworks which appear to move in any direction when viewed.

Helen Baines

The Way I See It

26 September to 21 November 2015

Helen Baines takes her inspiration from her immediate locality of north west Snowdonia. She works almost entirely outdoors, accurately recording the colours and shapes of the landscape.

The Tabernacle Collection

Our Glorious Coastline

7 November to 5 March 2016

Works from the Tabernacle Collection, including…

Mike Briscoe, Andrea Kelland, Arthur Charles Kemp, Judy Linnell, David Tress, Tess Urbanska, Gill Watkiss & Geoff Yeomans.

Peter McNally

The Stream and the Steam

14 November to 16 January 2016

A selection of paintings from the past 30 years reflecting Peter McNally’s interest in modern art movements and the influence of his early life in Blaenau Ffestiniog.

Bob Guy

Embrace the Hills

14 November to 16 January 2016

This exhibition is part of a project for which Bob Guy is producing his wood engravings to celebrate 40 years in Montgomeryshire and the various places he has lived around the Tanat and Cain valleys.

Eluned Glyn & Glyn Tomos

Eluned / Glyn

21 November to 23 January 2016

A unique opportunity to see the exciting ceramics of local artist Eluned Glyn alongside the paintings of her father, Glyn Tomos, a retired art teacher. Eluned has been shortlisted for Young Welsh Artist of the Year on 4 consecutive occasions and won first prize for a collection of completed work in the Arts, Design and Technology section of the 2015 Urdd Eisteddfod.

Simon Fenoulhet

Counting in Colour

21 November to 16 January 2016

In his work Simon looks for the latent aesthetic properties of everyday items. A ribbon of coloured light across the wall, upon closer inspection, reveals a random sequence of cocktail sticks the patterns of which also refer to coding systems such as bar codes.

Dan Roberson

Pivotal Moments & Memories 1975 – 2015

28 November to 23 January 2016

The exhibition is a self-portrait; it explores events throughout Dan Roberson’s 40 years as an everyday observer on this planet, events that have all helped lead to this moment.