Future Exhibitions

Arenig Revisited

20 September to 15 November 2014

An exhibition by many of Wales’ best loved artists including David Lloyd Griffith, Keith Bowen, Gareth Parry, Glyn Baines and Martin Wenham in response to the centenary exhibition of James Dickson Innes.

Mark Robert Davey

Grain – Photographs from Wales and Beyond

20 September to 1 November 2014

Mark Robert Davey’s photographic work combines simple structural and textural elements with orchestrated interplay of bright highlights and deep shadows. He creates a poetic atmosphere, both romantic and haunting within his work.

Christmas Selection

8 November 2014 to 3 January 2015

A selection of work by Welsh artists in a variety of media including Rhian Symes, Guy Manning, Ruth Jên Evans and creatures by Glassblobbery.

Ruth Koffer

A Turning Towards

15 November 2014 to 10 January 2015

From her studio in Ceredigion, Ruth Koffer creates work that is grounded in the different traditions of figurative, landscape and still life subjects. Her lively, expressive mark making contrasts with her quiet and contemplative subject matter.

Lyndon Thomas

Recent Work

22 November 2014 to 10 January 2015

Lyndon Thomas was born in Llanelli and now works from his studio in Pembrokeshire. He is interested in human habitation within the landscape and predominantly paints the Llyn Peninsula and North Pembrokeshire. He uses the unusual combination of acrylic on paper.

Bill Swann

The Colour of India

22 November 2014 to 3 January 2015

Travels in Northern India in 2012 inspired this new body of work by Bill Swann. The glass wall hangings and sculptures reveal layers and unexpected images, reflecting the joy, colour and optimism of life in this burgeoning new economy and convey how the burden and weight of life can contrast harmoniously.