30 British Portraits

17 January to 25 April 2015

Our 30th Anniversary is marked with 30 portraits by British Artists.

William Morris in Wales

Over the Hills and Far Away

28 February to 18 April 2015

This exhibition is to mark William Morris’ visit to Machynlleth 140 years ago and reflect on the continued popularity of Morris’ designs. It has been curated by Jane Dew. Please check our website for associated events.

Kyffin Williams


28 February to 9 May 2015

In 1968 Kyffin Williams visited Patagonia. This loan exhibition is of his Patagonian works from the National Library of Wales to mark 150 years since the Welsh people first went to Patagonia and to celebrate Kyffin Williams’ long support of MOMA Wales. Please check our website for associated events.

Professor Ovendale

Gift Collection

7 March to 18 April 2015

Selected works from Professor Ovendale’s generous gift. Shown in memory of his mother.

Ritchie Ovendale was Professor of International Politics at the University of Wales, Aberystwyth. His publications include The Longman Companion to the Middle East Since 1914 (1998) and Anglo-American Relations in the Twentieth Century (1998).

Louise Young

Natural Histories: The Art of Small Things

2 April to 30 May 2015

Natural and Botanical Paintings.

D. Alun Evans

Land Marks

18 April to 27 June 2015

A special exhibition of paintings, prints and drawings to mark Alun Evan’s 70th birthday. Alun is an artist printmaker from Pembrokeshire and resident in Cheshire. He has a particular interest in the natural and industrial landscape of Wales and the Northwest of England.

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