Peter Monaghan

Rusty Filling Stations

14 June to 13 September 2014

A new project from Peter Monaghan recording derelict petrol stations in Wales which continues his interest in Welsh vernacular architecture. Pete came to our attention after winning the Tabernacle Art Competition in 2012 and this show is specifically timed to coincide with the 2014 competition to inspire participants.

Wendy Murphy

Recent Work

28 June to 13 September 2014

Wendy Murphy presents her newest selection of paintings for your enjoyment. Her work portrays everyday scenes inspired by Wales. She creates her pictures using often unrelated elements from the landscape brought together by her artistic vision. Wendy has won the Tabernacle Art Competition twice as well as other national and regional competitions.

Elfyn Lewis

Atgofion Melys

13 September to 15 November 2014

Elfyn Lewis presents a review of his mixed media pictures including several of his newest works. The Porthmadog-born artist has lived and worked in Cardiff since the 1990′s. In 2009 Elfyn won the Gold Medal for fine art at the National Eisteddfod for Wales and this work was given to the Tabernacle Collection by the Contemporary Art Society of Wales, however he hasn’t had an exhibition here, until now.

James Dickson Innes


13 September to 8 November 2014

This exhibition marks 100 years since the death of James D Innes and focuses on his Welsh works around the mountain Arenig. Paintings have been borrowed from collections around the UK to complement the work kept here in the Tabernacle Collection.

Ciara O’Flynn & Naomi Heath

Clouds of Witness

13 September to 11 October 2014

CYMYLAU TYSTION/ CLOUDS OF WITNESS Is a cross-cultural visual arts project built around the shared experiences and individual perceptions of two, minority language speaking, multi-disciplinary artists: Ciara O Flynn from the (West Kerry Gaeltacht, Ireland) and Naomi Heath (Llanafan, west Wales). Aware of the precarious state of these cultures and the disjunction of their position in popular culture and the future, O’Flynn and Heath are setting out to create a body of work to express the varying highs and lows of engaging in and being part of minority language speakers and their place in contemporary Western Europe. This body of work is the fruit of a 4 week residency with the farming community of the Dyfi valley in Wales followed by a 2 week residency on Ynes Ennli (Bardsey Island).

tractor.Still002 Naomi Heath 2014

From the Outside Looking In,  Ciara O Flynn 2014


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